Over Dressed??

Duchess of Devonshire (Lady Georgiana Spencer)

While doing some simple research on Lady Georgiana Spencer after thinking about the movie The Duchess, I came across this picture of Georgiana. The first thing that came to my mind was “It must be super cold in that room while this painting was getting done”. I mean I don’t really know if it really was but wow she is wearing quite the get-up. A furry coat (or maybe the fur is part of her dress), a fancy hat, whatever that is that is around her neck, and I’m sure a wonderful dress. Ok understand that I am not saying I don’t like this picture because I really do like it. It is beautiful and so is she. I know one of the things she was highly known for was her fashion. To try to think of what she would have looked like every day and what wonderful things she would have been wearing is a wonderful though indeed. I think I may just add her to my Peoples page. She is quite the interesting women and is from one of my favorite time periods. By the way, what are your thoughts of this picture?

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