How I Found My Love For History

I was sitting here at home today just thinking about why I love history and where it all started from and it really made me think. Lets see well when I was in elementary school I had a friend who was always going on trips to historical places and she would come back and tell me all about them and usually do some kind of presentation on it and it was just always so fascinating. Then as I got older I learned that my loved history and she told me of who she had read about and so on and again I was fascinated. But I got to put it out there that I never enjoyed reading up until about a year ago so I never just wanted to pick up a book on something on history but give me a historical movie or any time or a show on the History Channel, Biography Channel, or National Geographic, etc. and I was happy. History classes through middle school were complete crap they were about our state or stuff that just didn’t interest me at all. Once I got to high school it was two years of history. One of World History (we learned the basics but all I really remember was learning about castles honestly lol) and then American History (We learned about who really discovered America, Pearl Harbor, and the Depression and my teacher was horrible so it was no good). But then when I got to college, I signed up for Western Civilization for a year and OMG I feel completely in love fully. This was what I had been looking for. My teacher (Dr. Shirk) focused the most on European History and I just couldn’t miss a class of her’s. I never payed so much attention in my life. She knew her history soooo well. Hardly ever had to look at her notes at all, and she was one of those teachers you could ask any question too and she had an answer and if she didn’t she would find out for you by the next class. She also liked to talk about the simple things that you don’t usually think about, or what a day was actually like back in the time she was talking about, what living conditions where like and just simple and out of no where facts that you would remember for life. I wish I could take her classes over and over again. She made me realize exactly what times in history I truly love, who my favorite people in history are, and just overall what in history I love. So I would definitely say I truly feel in love with history because of the wonderful Dr. Shirk.


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