Letter 1 (Michelle)

July 13, 2011

My Dearest Majesty,

This day I woke up from two dreams of you. I must say it made me quite happy to get to see you again, even if it was only in a dream. I will admit that I find myself spending a lot of my time thinking about you and missing you so dearly. I cant wait to one day see and spend time with you again. For I know at one time we were quite close and hope to be again soon, and if dreams are they way for that to happen till I can see you in person, then I will definitely take that. Seeing you in any way I can is better then not seeing you at all.

Every day I also think to myself how I would love to go to back to England (I haven’t been there in this life time). I want to go and spend time visiting as many places you spent time at, as I can. And Hampton Court I may just have to visit more then once for I know you spent so much time there and it seems so familiar to me. I find myself still mourning your death quite frequently. You have impacted my life in so many way.

Things are so different then they once were, and that is normal for it has been over 464 years since you left us. People in general have changed, clothing has changed, furniture changed, buildings changed, basically the way of living is totally different. Some things I must admit have changed for the better. You would love that sickness and wounds can now easily be gotten rid of, and in such a less painful way. Doctors are better then you could even imagine. All of the illnesses and problems with your leg could now be fixed easily but for a great cost but in the end its worth it. People also now smell a whole lot better, they are now cleaner and they places they live in are now so much more clean. We dont have to move around for our homes to be clean out. You could live in one Palace all year. Travel is now easier now, its faster and we dont rely on horses to take us places but to decribe what we now use will take some thinking on my part so I will send another letter later to tell you more about it. Oh and clothes have majorly changed as well. In my opinion its not better for I loved our gowns and the mens clothes, but I must admit that clothes now are easyer to get in and out of.

Well Your Majesty I best be going for now. I must prepare dinner. (yes we do it ourselves now, unless one has the money to have someone cook for them). I shall write to you again very soon.

By the way I hope all is well with you. I do hope to hear from you soon.

Your most humble and loyal servent,


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